Stop Presenting White Supremacist Ideology As a Valid Political Opinion

This weekend, Charlottesville, Virginia a town I know well from working and living and still occasionally visiting will be marking the one year anniversary of the Charlottesville white supremacist rally rally that killed one woman and injured several others.

That white supremacist rally organized by Jason Kessler will be brought to the nation’s capital this weekend.

This morning, the Charlottesville rally organizer who is also organizing this year’s DC one, Jason Kessler was on NPR. Kessler spoke about the grades of intelligence of people of color compared to white people and about how white people are being silenced.   Also the movement Black Lives Matter was brought as an alternative opinion and posed essentially as the “other side” of the argument.

What was the point of the interview? At least according to NPR producers and hosts like Rachel Martin: “We have to understand the threat to combat it”. Noel King who gave interview said the producers who are a “notably diverse team” thought long and hard about it.

Apparently not hard enough

It’s entirely one thing to host an interview where you aggressively challenge the notions of a white supremacist leader, that has to be done well and carefully with someone really well prepped to do that debate or interview.

But to hold an interview and barely challenge anything he says like when Kessler when on about about the grades of intelligence of people of color compared to white people.

Why don’t you just give the mic over for open mic night? You accomplished NOTHING.

To claim that it’s important to hear about what we are facing is utter garbage. You gave Jason Kessler exactly what he wanted a platform, on NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO of all things,  basically unchallenged to spew his views.

This is not a difference of political opinion, this is not conservative vs liberal vs moderate . White supremacy is a violent ideology built on the very idea that only one race of people are superior and everyone else not that, certainly not white straight cisgendered and abled is subhuman. It literally is an ideology that taken to its logical conclusion means the extermination of everything else NOT them.

You want to know about what white supremacy can do? Ask Heather Heyer’s mother, who will mourn the 1 year anniversary of her child being murdered by a white supremacist at the Charlottesville Rally. Ask any person injured in Charlottesville’s rally last year.

You want to hear about the ravages of white supremacy? Talk to any person of color or about what they experience daily. I got stories, we all got stories. Talk to our parents and grandparents who grew up in colonialism or Jim Crow. We know they have stories.

Talk to descendants of Holocaust survivors who live in the United States, and the countless of relatives they never got to know because they were murdered by a white supremacist regime.

At the very least, all anyone has to do is open a history book or view a documentary or dramatic film on South African apartheid, American Jim Crow/slavery, the rise of the Third Reich if you want to understand the ideology and damage white supremacy can do for a 101 class.

But there isn’t any reason to irresponsibly give white supremacists the platform they crave their ideology, when given power, has brought destruction and death to many to count.