This is a blog devoted to discussing feminism, politics, and reviewing film/tv/media, and how it affects the largest popular culture from the perspective of a black woman who is a writer, activist, film devotee, and has worked in politics professionally. Read the full professional bio here. I also write about film,tv, and media because I love it and it has and can be a great vehicle to affect or reflect the popular culture, and politics, and social movements like feminism. They all go hand in hand.

The topics of feminism, politics, and films won’t always be mutually exclusive posts, they are topics that will and often do often intersect quite well.

The Blog is


This blog will discuss current issues in the fight for gender equity as well  through the lens of a woman of color. There will be tips on activism from an activist, thoughts on subset movements within feminism (eg. BlackLivesMatter, Reprorights) etc.


Having worked in politics for a long time, for candidates, political organizations, and for non-profits working for causes affected by politics, I have a lot of insight and thought and will share those on current issues.  The personal is political and there will be much commentary on national politics, candidates, and policy and how it at times feminism and specifically related topics like: women in politics, reproductive rights & justice, domestic violence,  and race & gender inequality, just to name a few.


This blog will along  review films and television through a feminist lens. There will be interesting conversation about movies and tv—good and bad—and the roles that women and people of color and other underrepresented communities in film play in them. I strongly believe that movies and TV show can impact for the better (in some case worse) and reflect a society’s values in the past or present. I won’t just review movies, but also where appropriate, write about documentaries, tv shows etc.

There are not enough perspectives out there from a black women on feminism, politics,  race,  and certainly using all these lens  to critique films/TV/Media. There are not many film or TV critics of color, barely any actually. This is a blog that will do that.


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